Tuesday, March 13, 2012


                When it comes to text editors for Ruby, the most popular one are w/o a doubt TextMate and VIM, but I’ve been using GEdit for a project in the place I work after I releases Notepad++ wasn’t the editor for me, so here are the reasons I use GEdit for Ruby programming, order is not important.

1.- Multiplatform and open source: It is available on Linux, OSX and Windows, it is open source and of course won’t cost you money.

2.- It’s pluggin architecture: GEdit can be extensible with plugins, you can make your own or install the ones available over the internet, there are several of useful plugins, like the integration with a version control system, terminal,  save sessions, etc.

3.- The themes: You can use any of the default themes or install more, there are a variety of dark, white and pastel themes, it doesn’t fall short in this area.

4.- Code completition: Yes, there is auto completition in GEdit, it is very handy and saves a lot of key strokes, I wouldn´t change this feature for anything.

5.- Code snippets: GEdit is a very Ruby friendly editor and code snippets is a probe, just type “def” and GEdit will write the end and put the cursor at the beginning of the method name, type “do” and it will but the “end”,  it will also put the closing quotation marks in a string, it is just amazing, and you can even add your own snippets.

6.- Tabbed interface: This is a must have for every serious editor, but it doesn’t stop there, it can also show the documents on a side pane, or you can see the structure of a whole folder, is up to you to deside.

7.- Bookmarks: It comes with bookmarks so you can navigate to every part of the document you want.

8.- Save sessions: You can save your sessions and open them later, useful when managing projects with docents of files.

9.- Rails pluggin: With the rails plugin GEdit becomes an even more powerful editor exclusive for your rails applications.

10.- Spell checker: Yes, very handy.

Try it http://live.gnome.org/Gedit


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